Program Schedule

Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Love & Justice is bringing together—for the first time—dozens of elders, saints and prophets from LGBTQIA Christian movements of the past five decades. These “invited guests” (see complete list here) will be the presenters for the conference.

Here is the general schedule for the Rolling the Stone Away conference:

  • Tuesday
  • Registration opens at 10am
  • Conference convenes at 4pm
  • Session 1: Plenary
    Welcome & Context
    Glimpses of the invited guests present here; dialogue on how remembering elders and history can inform and propel movements today.

    Jimmy Creech

    Darnell Fennell

    Mary Hunt

    Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

    Renee McCoy

    Brian McNaught

    Janie Spahr

  • Dinner
  • Session 2: Plenary
    Ritual of Remembrance
    Recognizing our leaders and friends who have died as well as other losses over the years.

    Jonipher Kwong

    Louis Mitchell

    Rick Mixon

    Karen Ziegler

  • Wednesday
  • Breakfast
  • Session 3: Plenary
    Historical Period: 1960s/70s
    Interview with diverse group of leaders from the period. Look at beginnings; dynamics & tensions of the early movements.

    Bill Johnson

    Troy Perry

    Nickie Valdez

    Heather White

  • Session 4: Breakouts
    Six Panel Presentations (choose one)
    Topics may include: Queer theology; Impact of AIDS; Emerging trans identities; Engaging the Religious Right; Facing persecutions & trials.
  • Lunch
  • Session 5: Breakouts
    Six Panel Presentations (different from above)
    Topics may include: Lesbian feminism; Organizing in communities of color; Allies & parents come out; Role of sex in the movement; Shifting perspectives on marriage.
  • Session 6: Plenary
    Historical Period: 1980s/90s
    Interview with diverse group of leaders from the period. Note growth in visibility and diversity; changing religious institutions.

    Marianne Duddy-Burke

    Anthony Petro

    Erin Swenson

    Nancy Wilson

  • Dinner
  • Session 7: Plenary
    Stories from the Heart
    Some of our guests poignantly recall what motivated and sustained them on their journeys.

    Deborah Johnson

  • Thursday
  • Breakfast
  • Session 8: Plenary
    Historical Period: 2000s
    Interview with diverse group of leaders from the period. Discuss trends of new millennium; challenges & possibilities today.

    Cedric Harmon

    Keisha McKenzie

    Alex McNeill

    Bernie Schlager

    Matthew Vines

  • Session 9: Plenary
    Celebration & Commissioning
    Ritual of thanksgiving for our elders, saints and prophets; dialogue between past & present leaders on how history plays role in shaping today’s movements.
  • Conference adjourns at noon

The planning team is still determining which guests will speak in different parts of the program. That information will be available here in a few weeks.

Additional program notes:

  • There will be ample time for you and other conference participants to interact with the invited guests—during meal times (meals are communal and included in your registration), break times and informal evening gatherings.
  • We will sing—songs that sustained our movements over the decades.
  • All program sessions will address the intersections of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class and age.
  • All program sessions will reflect on how our history informs Queer Christian movements today.
  • All conference sessions will be videorecorded for preservation. In addition, scholars and students will be there to conduct historical research.